Why choose CGWORLD ?

CGWORLD: our human and professional values.

Since our inception, CGWORLD place great importance on human values. We are consistent in our commitment to strive for maximum transparency in our work ethic and results, this impacts how we work for our customers and employees. This philosophy brings rewards: Our feedback from clients and consultants acknowledge the fact that we are a caring and dynamic organisation with professional values. After 10 years in the business we still believe that the trust established between both parties is an essential factor for a productive business to grow. 

Real Career opportunities
By joining CGWORLD your career can go from strength to strength - whether you are starting out or an expert. It’s possible that one day you will be part of the CGWORLD. We give opportunities to anyone who can demonstrate they are dedicated to their work and who put forward positive ideas and initiatives. Technicians or engineering consultants - beginners or experienced; you are welcome. We will be happy to share our values and corporate culture and objectives with you.

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