Umbrella company

“Portage Salarial” is a flexible and economical solution for businesses

Through its subsidiary HRW, CGWORLD aims to assist clients in achieving the optimal "nancial and social aspect of their projects. HRW has specialised in delivering solutions which simplify the hiring of personnel and management of contracts, regardless of the duration. This is an outsourcing system that provides many bene"ts including;

Budget optimisation
“Portage salarial” is an ideal solution for reducing costs for employers (outsourced management of employment contracts, payroll, social security etc…..)

This system can limit obligations within contractual commitments.

High calibre recruitment
“Portage Salarial” is highly recommended for positions which require consultants to have a high level of understanding of what the customer does, how they work and the priorities of the project.

In the initial project phase we provide additional expertise.
“Portage Salarial” is particularly suitable for including additional skills such as technological input during design and research.

Simplifying hiring for export
Our “Portage Salarial” service includes a range of services for regulatory procedures (visas, insurance, medicals, and employment contracts). We also handle travel arrangements, provide information on health and safety issues, logistics, repatriation and crisis management for expatriated employees.

For employees “Portage Salarial” is a reliable and safe solution.

It allows the consultant: 

  • To work independently and invoice their services as with any other business.
  • To avoid dealing with any administrative and legal aspects.
  • To still enjoy the bene"ts of employee status.
  • To avoid having to set up a business or register as self-employed yet still have all the necessary and compulsory insurance and social security cover.