CGWORLD’s reputation since its creation is second to none: On the consultancy side, the support and attention given, allows them to have the necessary con"dence to provide work of the highest quality. Commitment, trust and respect are standards to which all CGWORLD consultants can testify. 

On the clients’ side we are proactive in considering all of their requirements with honesty and integrity and follow through to their successful conclusion, making us unique. 

Here are some testimonials from a survey carried out by CGWORLD with its clients and consultants in June 2012. 

Client Testimonials 
“The representative working on our project manages to anticipate our needs and clearly outlines the resources available; which allows us to update our network of available consultants. They offer total support, which is not always the case with consultancy fims”. 

“Very tuned in to our needs, they provided all the answers and were very prompt when doing so. I had a very good impression of CGWORLD. I very much appreciated working with them. It was a great pleasure”. 

“They are proactive. There is always someone, not only to answer your questions but also to "nd a solution”. 

“CGWORLDspends time to understand the unique needs of every project! Their regular check-ins ensure that things are running smoothly! Their 24/7 availability to resolve problems is very much appreciated.” 

“I have the impression that when CGWORLD hires someone they know that person. When they present a CV to us they know exactly who they are talking about. They know the skills and potential of their abilities. At CGWORLD I "nd that there is a better quality of CV.” 

“When we have difficulty in "nding the right person for the job we go to CGWORLD”. 

“The consultants tell me that they want to work for CGWORLD because with other companies they are treated as just one of many… It’s a partnership which is established with the consultants”. 

Our consultants’ testimonials 
“CGWORLD seeks out the right talent for the right job! At CGWORLD, they get to know the employees: their skills, ambitions, desires for growth…! It’s what every consultant aims for”. 

”We don’t consider the volume of work but rather quality before quantity, by responding to our customers’ needs we take a positive approach to accomplishing the task for each individual client.”