CGWORLD is a specialized professional services company highly dedicated to supporting the Telecommunications industry.

The TELCO industry (Carriers, manufacturers, subcontractors, consulting & engineering  firms) is evolving very fast from a voice-driven market into a data services and moreover, a multimedia market. Traditional TELCO actors have to face and adapt their global ecosystem to major changes in their business model imposed by new over the top players (OTT) such as Google or Facebook, and where they are both a target and a player deeply impacted by the new emerging market structure.  

CGWORLD is strongly supporting its customers to consolidate and extend their leadership on this front line transformation. On this fast-moving, daily redesigned and highly challenging market, innovation, responsiveness and quality are essential to enable and secure transformation projects successfully.

Operators increasingly count on Quality of Service and network infrastructure reliability to extract their business value, build a loyal customer base and attract new customers.

CGWORLD provides highly skilled consultants and technicians to design, build and help manage the networks that allow our clients to excel in both service reliability and adaptation to end users environment and specific experience. 

CGWORLD specializes in the design, architecture, integration, deployment, engineering, supervision, operation and maintenance of telecommunications networks in Europe and overseas.
CGWORLD’s expertise embraces fixed/mobile access and core networks; wireless and terrestrial transmission; IP networks; Intelligent and convergent networks; VAS platforms; Applications management; Billing systems and CRM...