Success stories

CGWORLD successfully assists clients and consultants 

Network deployment in West Africa 
Through the quality of their consultants and their dedication, CGWORLD contributed to the success of the launch of the first Nigerian mobile operator Globacom. Called in to support the existing company, the CGWORLD team managed the deployment and installation of the network in Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa and the surrounding area. They also successfully assisted the deployment manager on this project which had a national budget of 120 million dollars. 

Reducing labour costs in major IT companies 
CGWORLD has contributed to improving the export competitiveness of several major companies in the telecommunications sector, signi"cantly reducing labour costs by utilising equal or higher quality services. Our work has enabled these clients to defend their position against competition and retain projects. 

CGWORLD Accelerator of Careers 
More than 200 consultants found contract work in large companies via CGWORLD, with improved terms of remuneration and overall conditions during their consultancy period. 

Crisis Management 
Since 2002, the effectiveness of partnerships set up by CGWORLD has achieved 100% success for repatriation and insurance coverage for consultants and their families. CGWORLD’s methodology leads the way and has become a reference point for many of our customers who confirm they are more confident and relaxed about a liability arising. 

Legal protection for consultants
With CGWORLD legal support, several employees have been able to defend their "nancial interests that came under threat as a result of previous placement companies.