Support human values and team spirit 

Alongside its work, CGWORLD encourages initiatives which highlight human and sporting qualities, which combine performance with human values such as helping each other, sharing and solidarity. Christophe Gilbert, CEO of CGWORLD is an enthusiastic runner and has participated in several city and mountain marathons. He sees this sport in the context of balance and health. As head of the company, he would like the organisation to get involved in charity endeavours and support various sporting and humanitarian projects.

CGWORLD supports 


A chacun son Evrest
This association helps children diagnosed with leukaemia or cancer to have a better chance to "ght their condition, thanks to the climbing of their personal “Everest”. Founded and led by Christine Janin, a doctor with an impressive sporting record (conquest of Everest, polar expeditions etc…), each year, the association organises 15 to 20 weeks of courses, during which (since 1994) 3300 children have already surmounted “their Everest”.

The Franco-Argentine association for the development of amateur rugby (Yerres 91) is another initiative to promote sport alongside cultural and social exchanges, Supported by the resident French ambassador and the Franco-Argentine Alliance, l’AFADRA, help to support the “EL Alfarcito” (ville de Salta) charity which helps local people in disaster areas. Fundraising through sport in France helps in both education and health.

Fergal Golding, Sand Marathon runner 
The Sand Marathon is no ordinary challenge. Firstly it is one of the hardest endurance tests. As well as the sporting performance and the inherent qualities demonstrated by its participants, it is above all a human adventure where solidarity and team spirit come together. From the "rst to the last contestant the spirit of comradeship dominates, it is a team spirit missing in today’s professional sport. In 2013, Irish amateur runner Fergal Golding wore the CGWORLD colours and "nished the Sand Marathon.

Philippe Kuntz Marathon runner 
Philippe Kuntz is an atypical runner. An amateur, he was the victim of a double stroke in 2005. A lorry driver from Schaeffersheim, Philippe wanted to regain his "reman’s physique. He began by walking and then racing in the 2008 Paris Marathon. It wasn’t however until the beginning of 2009 that he signed up for the New York Marathon. It was his dream and CGWORLD is proud to have contributed to this extraordinary adventure.

Ski Club of Sévrier (74)
CGWORLD supports the Sévrier Ski-club. Situated between Lake Annecy and Le Semnoz in the Bauges mountains, it is a training ski-club.