CGWORLD's Cybersecurity offer is structured around 4 strategic areas:

Support & Consulting

Analysis of your IS

We analyze and map your information system. We list the risks identified on your assets and your organization. We also map data, in particular personal data. We analyze your processing logbook. We identify the legal responsibilities of your company.

Designing your security

Together, we define your security policy and prioritize the security solutions to be implemented in relation to risk analysis. We establish an action plan to be implemented and document them. We help you to choose the right technical and organisational solutions.

GDPR / ISO 27001 compliance

We identify the actions to be taken to bring you into compliance with your regulatory or normative obligations. We analyse the risks of your organisation and this analysis becomes the basis for the implementation of processes that are documented. We prepare you for external audits.

Audit & Pentests

Internal audit

We carry out a technical evaluation of the network and security components of your IS: identification, authentication, secure access, backup, etc. We can check your compliance with standards such as ISO 27001 for example.

Internal security test

We simulate attacks committed by a third party connected to your information system.

External security test

We conduct application and external tests from the Internet, in black box and grey box mode via the provision of accounts. These tests correspond to the most probable scenarios of attacks that could impact your site.


This digital investigation centre aims to respond to any incident related to the digital component such as:

-The deletion (voluntary or not) of digital data within an information system
-The impossibility of accessing an authentication system or an encrypted element
-Theft or damage to data
-Identity theft
Each of our interventions is specific to each situation: Establishment of an inventory of fixtures, collection of data and digital evidence, constitution of a file with full traceability of the actions carried out.


We design and create 100% customizable IT security and GDPR awareness courses.

Phishing, Password, Wifi, ERP, CRM, Biometrics, Badge, BYOD, etc., we deal with all your topics to make your employees aware of them. We analyze people's daily work to understand their behaviors.

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