Mode of operations

Mode of operations

CGWORLD provides  customers with an outstanding level of versatility in order to cope with any operation models according to specific needs and requirements.

This flexibility makes CGWORLD the partner of choice capable to provide high reactivity for immediate resources remedy as well as evolution over time for long term benefits and partnerships.

The recruitment and selection process is based on candidates stringent record data and the highest capability of personal skills. This guarantees an optimal handling of your company’s specific operations, challenges and expectations.

Commitment to benefits and deliverables are based on detailed service package specifications mutually agreed and detailed with your company. It guarantees an optimized integration of CGWORLD detached team in your specific processes, planification and business culture. 

Commitment to results within the frame of a transfer of responsibility matrix between your company and CGWORLD is settled to subcontract the management of an operational process or application delivered through specific key indicators.     

Umbrella company
CGWORLD provides the flexibility to manage the contractual relationship between your company and independent consultants or experts. CGWORLD handles all social contributions, tax payments and insurance on behalf of the hosted employee who can deliver his expertise sparing your company having to create and manage any specific legal structure.

Recognized for the quality and efficiency of its recruitment process and professional criteria, CGWORLD has been delegated by major companies to handle the recruitment of key experts or critical teams on their behalf.