Telecommunications are a key element in the industrial sector.

For all major industrial companies and public organizations (Transport, Power Utilities, Oil & Gas, Aerospace & Defense, Public Administrations), Telecommunication systems are not the core business but are core to their business which cannot perform  efficiently or securely without them.

The expertise and reliability of CGWORLD is a crucial asset for these customers as they need to rely on a partner that guarantees their most demanding standards of performance, efficiency and security required for their activities and final users’ services and security.

The breadth and depth of our multinational workforce enables CGWORLD to staff projects in key industries beyond telecoms.

CGWORLD provides R&D, simulation and testing, 3D design and other services for the IT industry. For the security and defense industry, CGWORLD supplies operational systems, testing procedures, maintenance and repair and project-management services.
CGWORLD’s expertise in the oil & gas industry includes offshore engineering, process engineering, network distribution management, engineering project management and petrochemical engineering. CGWORLD’s aerospace expertise includes maintenance and design and analysis of aerodynamic properties.