Added value proposition

CGWORLD is a specialized professional services company highly dedicated to supporting two different sectors:

The Telecommunications industry (TELCO carriers, Manufacturers, Consulting & Engineering "rms) Telco sector

The verticals industry market where telecommunications networks are crucial assets such as: Transport, Power Utilities, Oil & Gas, Defense and Public Administrations. Industry sector

CGWORLD covers the complete life cycle of a telecommunications network by managing a large technology consulting and technical engineering services portfolio. Services portfolio

Our consultants, experts, engineers and technicians combine professional and personal skills capable of strengthening your projects anywhere across the globe. CGWORLD's specifics

CGWORLD’s pro"ciency is to cope with hard-to-fill positions that require international specialists.

CGWORLD also focuses on cost reduction within the company’s H.R. As an umbrella company, CGWORLD provides their customers with smart solutions to reduce their wage costs. As a result, CGWORLD telecom enables companies to save up to 30% on these costs. Umbrella company